Wellcome to JAPAN! Wedding shooting in Japan!

We suport your Pre wedding photo shoot in Gero.

Gero is small city is famous its hot-springs in Gifu.

There are beautiful view is surrounded by mountains and rich hot-springs.

You can have nice wedding shoot and wonderful memories!!

Please make your trip more satisfying memories.


If you are interested in or have any question, please contact me.




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Beauty & Dream Maker Kazumiart

真の美しさとは 外見ではなく 内面の心の豊かさから わき溢れるものです。

外見の美しさから心の美しさへと 本当の美しさを知っていただき 実の多い心豊かな人生を目指して 皆様を多方面からサポートさせていただきます。






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